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Course Description and Career Prospects


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Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences


Course Concept :

Bioinformatics or computational biology relates to the use of information technology in the field of molecular biology. It involves the application of computer technology for analysis and management of biological data. The computers are used to collect, analyze, store and merge the biological data. The aim of bioinformatics is to collect the wealth of biological information and use it to improve the living standards of human beings. Bioinformatics is applied in various fields like human health, environment, agriculture, biotechnology and energy to advance the biomedical research and development. It is used in the field of molecular medicine to produce the customized medicines for the prevention or cure of the disease. Bioinformatics is today rapidly growing field all over the world.

Course Overview :

Spurred by initiatives like the Human Genome Project, bioinformatics is rapidly becoming a central discipline in life science, medicine, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry. Today, students with intersecting interests in computer science and biology can find rewarding careers as information technologists in science-driven environments, as specialists in database design, bioinformatics, or chemical and medical informatics.

The core curriculum covers:

Bioinformatic genomics, methods and applications Probability
Molecular evolution and phylogenetics Algorithms
System alalysis and design Microarray technology

You can delve deeper in your area of interest through elective courses in virology, immunology, pharmakogenomics, computer-aided drug design, and other fields.

Career Prospects :

Therefore one can start a career in Bioinformatics and find employment opportunities in biotechnology, biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, in industries, hospitals and research institutions. Bioinformatics career in is increasingly attracting the youngsters in India today. The scope of bioinformatics is in areas like database design and maintenance, sequence assembly, proteomics, clinical pharmacologist, sequence analysis, informatics developer and bio-analytics. Excellent job opportunities are available in Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies in India. Due to increasing demand of bioinformatics candidates, a career in bioinformatics offer good prospects.

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