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Course Description and Career Prospects


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Biological Sciences

Public Health

Program Description

"Introduction to Public Health" introduces the many areas of the public health system, and the work in measuring health, disease and illness, and its endeavors to promote population health.

This course provides a history of public health. It offers learners a methodology for understanding populations and population health through multiple disciplines.

It provides an overview of five core disciplines: epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, social and behavioral health, and health policy and management. Students analyze contemporary public health issues such as threats to the nation's food supply, health promoting behaviours in the prevention of disease, the burden and distribution of infectious diseases on a global population, public health's role in disaster preparedness and management, and bioterrorism. This engages issues of public health administration and the public health workforce. Students learn about public health nursing and public health education. They explore the role of law and government (local, state, national, and international) in public health and challenging public health policy issues related to spiraling healthcare costs and addressing the aging population. Students examine environmental and occupational health, and they learn about future challenges for public health.

Course Objective:

Module 1: Overview and Basic Principles

Module 2: Epidemiological Principles

Module 3: Population Health

Module 4: Disease and Disabilities: Determinants, Burdens, and Interventions

Module 5: Healthcare and Public Health Systems

Module 6: Emerging Topics in Public Health (One Health; Infectious Disease / Zoonosis; Food Safety, Security, and Defence - Food Chain Security; Public Health Nutrition and Physical Activity)

Module 7: Careers and Future Directions in Public Health

Identify and describe key challenges facing public health workers in the early 21st century

Identify and explain how various occupations, professions, and careers contribute to carrying out public health's core functions and essential services.

Career Prospects:

In a public health job, you'll work to improve the health and quality of life for entire communities-not just individuals. You'll increase awareness of public health and safety issues in order to prevent illnesses and injuries-not just treat them. Public health is a career field that encompasses a wide variety of jobs. So whether you want to track down the causes of disease as an epidemiologist or teach the public how to avoid getting sick as a health educator, there is a public health career that will fit your goals and aspirations.

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