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How to work after graduation in UK?

Post-Study Work

The current Post-Study Work route has closed from April 2012.
Those graduating from a UK university with a recognised degree, PGCE, or PGDE will be able to switch into Tier 2.
There will not be a limit on these switchers.
They will only be able to switch if they are in the UK, before their student visa expires.
The normal Tier 2 requirements will apply, except for the Resident Labour Market Test.
We will ensure that genuine student entrepreneurs with a great idea are able to stay on in the UK to develop their business proposition.


The Tier 2 (General) category is for foreign nationals who have a skilled job offer to fill a gap in the workforce that cannot be filled by a settled worker.

Before you apply under Tier 2 (General), you must have:

  1. a sponsor; and
  2. a valid certificate of sponsorship.

When you apply, you are awarded points based on your:

  1. Salary and allowances;
  2. Sponsorship;
  3. English language skills; and
  4. Available maintenance (funds).

You will be able to live and work here for a maximum of 3 years plus 1 month under the Tier 2 category, or the time given on your certificate of sponsorship plus 1 month, whichever is shorter. This period must begin no more than 14 days before the start date on your certificate of sponsorship.

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