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The Master of Sciences and Master of Engineering programs in U.S universities are second to none in the range of specialties, quality and popularity.

Master of Science (MS) degrees are normally research-oriented and non-research oriented. If a student opts to pursue research at the Doctoral level, he could choose to prefer the research-oriented option. Alternatively, if the student wants to stop his education after Masters and look for employment or other avenues, he may choose to take up the non-research oriented degrees. Most good universities offer both these orientations.

Master of Engineering (ME) degrees are not as popular as the MS degrees, but are mostly terminal degrees for those who are professionally employed in respective fields. If one wishes to obtain additional qualifications at the Masters level in order to improve his knowledge or for employment/business growth, ME degrees are suitable for such applicants. Most often, completion of ME degree will not enable further application to the Ph.D level.


Admission into MS, ME or MA programs are based on academic background, test scores, recommendations and the Statement of Purpose (SOP). While good academic background at the Bachelor's is a must, it is important to have consistent performance all throughout one's academic career, starting from 10thclass onwards. Additionally, good scores in TOEFL and GRE are required for admission into decent programs.

Required Tests

There are no hard and fast rules as regards to the minimum or maximum scores in these tests. However, for good admits, the average scores are 230-240 in TOEFL and 1100-1200 in GRE.  Better and higher-ranked universities require much higher scores.  Please note, however, that admission is possible into many universities with scores lesser than those indicated. Topnotch will provide you with the right inputs and guidance in this aspect.

Equally important are recommendation letters that have to be provided by lecturers/professors or guides who have taught you at your undergraduate level. It is not important to have the recommendation of the head of institution (Principal) if he has not taught you. Recommendations must reflect the observations of your recommender academically and even personally. Most often, recommendations play a crucial role in determining financial aid for applicants.

Highly crucial is the SOP, which has to be prepared by you, outlining your academic and personal backgrounds, your performance, your career goals and your reasons for studying in a particular university.  Quite often, admission decisions are made on the strength of a good (or bad!) SOP!!

Cost of Education

Educational costs are quite reasonable at the master's level inUSA. There are universities offering programs at 6,000-8,000 $ per year and at the same time, some universities have a fee of around 30,000 $. Costs vary, depending upon the program, university and location.

Interestingly, financial aid is comparatively easier to obtain at this level. Aid could be in several forms - partial or full tuition waiver, in-state tuition, scholarship, assistantships etc. are awarded to international students based on merit - and not on need. Since most applicants cannot demonstrate comparable and measurable merit while applying, universities prefer to consider aid from the second semester or second year onwards, based on funding availability.

Almost 75% of Master's level international students get aid in some form or the other, mainly in tuition waivers, scholarships and tuition & research assistantships.

In order to offset the costs, Topnotch assists with educational loan programs like IELI's. Organizations like IELI provide educational loans for up to 45,000 $ per year, without mortgage or guarantor. For more details about this exciting loan program, please click here


Accreditation of colleges/universities is very important in choosing the right institution, since that ensures uniformity in curriculum, proper designing of courses, meeting the infrastructure needs, proper faculty and facilities etc.

Six Regional Accrediting associations provide accreditation in six regions of USA - Middle States, New England, North Central, Northwest, Southern and Western.

Whereas, National Accrediting Associations such as ACICS, AABC, ATS, DETC etc., provide specialized accrediting for various programs in technology, biblical studies, distance education etc.

Apply Yourself!

In addition to other packages, the 'Apply yourself' package being offered by us will make the work of applicants easy, smooth and productive. Right from selecting the appropriate universities that suit one's requirement/profile to evaluating essays, recommendations, resume etc., till applying for the visa, Topnotch will be with you all the way when you enroll for this highly useful package. For more details about the package and to know how Topnotch can help you realize your MS/MA dreams.

Topnotch provides total guidance on preparing the total documentation like recos., SOP and application material, along with samples, guidelines and personalized help, at every stage till you complete the application process. Please visit our Services section and get in touch with us. We will be with you all the way!

Applying for a visa

After securing admission into the University one must start with the visa formalities.

Visa process forUSAis relatively simpler, and yet, tough to obtain! For those who are fully prepared with the required documentation and interview preparation, the process becomes easy. However, professional guidance and careful planning of the whole process is very important for success!

For a personalized plan of action to obtain your F-1 visa and do your Bachelor's inUSA, the resources at Topnotch are second-to-none. Visit our offices, contact our counselors in person, online or by phone and we will be pleased to help you join the big league.

Request More Information

Topnotch offers exciting, unrivalled services. For information on our various services, contact our Counselor on phone nos. +91-984818824 , +91-9666655089 , +91-8885331212 , +91-8885331313 , +91-8885331414 on all working days between 10 AM and 8 PM (IST). or, email us at with your full details, for more information.

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