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USA is considered to be the birthplace of professional management. While it is possible that other countries might have professional management at different stages of their evolution, aggressively promoting the field of management practice and education has been highlighted by the US.  Naturally, the study of business management at various levels has also been pioneered by US universities, which started educating managers of all nationalities for the future.

Management education has thus caught on throughout the world and is second only to the study of Engineering, globally.

Most universities elsewhere have been doing good work in the field of management education. However, because of their pioneering status and extensive usage, US universities have expanded the scope and scale of management education. The range of specialties, the number of institutions, the amount of research, the number of training programs and the popularity of all these put together has made Management education in USA the very best.

If we consider at the wide range of management programs, the diversity is mind-boggling and options, unlimited. One could take up specialized study in traditional fields such as Marketing, HR, Finance, General Management etc., and non-traditional ones such as Market Research, E-security, Hospital Administration, Hospitality Management, Sports Management and several others.


Admission at the master's level is normally into the Master of Business Administration program (MBA) and some universities offer the study of management as Master of Arts and Master of Sciences too. Nevertheless, MBA is the most popular degree amongst those offered, in US universities.

Because of the quality and focus of the programs, admissions are quite competitive and the process, quite lengthy. For good B schools, the process could take between 8-12 months for the application process.

Cost of MBA education could range between 10,000 and 50,000 $, depending upon the program and where and when it's offered. In addition to full-time two year MBA program, many universities offer part-time programs of 3-5 years duration and Executive education programs of 2-3 years duration. Admission requirements vary from one university to another and from one type of program to another.

Unlike a simple 'Statement of Purpose' as required for M.S admission, most B schools ask for a set of 'Essays' to be prepared and submitted for application consideration. The essay topics could be multiple - from three to eight - and could be on different predictable and sometimes typical issues. For example, one B school could ask an applicant to respond if he (the applicant) were marooned on an island all alone how he would react and what would he do? There could be several other difficult topics. The whole idea is to see the type of response and the quality of presentation, style, approach, flow and precision from applicants.

There are several other important aspects for admission, like strong recommendation letters from employers, sponsorship etc., which keeps differing from one B school to another. Topnotch's endeavor is to unravel the complexities of studying Business Management by offering a broad range of services.

Required Tests

In addition to a four-year bachelor's degree, applicants are expected to have good scores in TOEFL and GMAT, along with work experience (preferably) in relevant field of study/focus. Unlike Australian universities that mandate work experience for MBA applicants, US universities are not so particular about the same. However, admission into top-tier universities require at least 3-5 years of work experience, strong recommendation letters and top-class essays, in addition to other requirements as mentioned above.

Cost of Education

MBA programs in USA are costlier than in other countries.  Unlike in India, further study of business management is considered as an investment'. And, most applicants are either middle or top level managers who have work experience to take advantage of MBA education. Hence, 'return on such investment' is carefully considered and therefore, the MBA program in USA is globally competitive and focused - to provide world-class curriculum, best infrastructure, reputed faculty and career enhancement opportunities. Top-tier and Ivy league schools like Harvard, MIT, Kellogg, Wharton, NYU etc., cost anywhere between 30,000 to 60,000 $ per year in tuition and fees.

There are other universities that offer the same program for lesser fee - between 15,000 and 30,000 $ per year.

With the addition of other expenditure like living, cost of a lap-top, study-abroad programs, books, insurance etc., the costs are bound to be quite high and only those who could afford this level of expenditure are expected to 'invest' in an MBA program. Financial aid is very rare for management-related programs.

In order to offset the costs, there are several loan programs like CitiAssist. Organizations like IELI provide educational loans for up to 45,000 $ per year, without mortgage or guarantor. For more details about this exciting loan program.


Accreditation to AACSB is considered to be prestigious for US Business schools.

Accreditation of colleges/universities is very important in choosing the right institution, since that ensures uniformity in curriculum, proper designing of courses, meeting the infrastructure needs, proper faculty and facilities etc.

Six Regional Accrediting associations provide accreditation in six regions of USA - Middle States, New England, North Central, Northwest, Southern and Western.

Whereas, National Accrediting Associations such as AACSB, ACICS, AABC, ATS, DETC etc., provide specialized accrediting for various programs in technology, biblical studies, distance education etc.

Applying for a visa

After securing admission into the University one must start with the visa formalities.

Visa process for USA is relatively simpler, and yet, tough to obtain! For those who are fully prepared with the required documentation and interview preparation, the process becomes easy. However, professional guidance and careful planning of the whole process is very important for success!

For a personalized plan of action to obtain your F-1 visa and do your Bachelor's in USA, the resources at Topnotch are second-to-none. Visit our offices, contact our counselors in person, online or by phone and we will be pleased to help you join the big league.

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