T-TDP Head Kasani Gnaneshwar Quits TDP

Telangana TDP head Kasani Gnaneshwar submitted his resignation to Telugu Desam Party.

Kasani in his resignation letter revealed that the decision of TDP to stay away from contesting in Telangana assembly elections has hurt him. Gnaneshwar says the TDP’s decision to not contest in the Telangana elections has raised the question of the party’s future in Telangana.

Gnaneshwar questions why TDP has to give up on contesting when small and emerging parties like BSP, Janasena, and others are contesting in Telangana. He also questioned the party’s existence in Telangana mentioning various leaders moving to other political parties.

Gnaneshwar said the decision of the party to not contest in the Telangana assembly elections disappointed the leaders who wished to contest from TDP even when the party is facing tough times. He further expressed his angst on the party leadership for betraying his trust in TDP and decided to quit the party.

The former TDP leader also mentioned that when he could not get the B forms to the party leaders who wished to contest in Telangana elections, he is not fit to be the head of T-TDP. Kasani Gnaneshwar will be meeting his cadre tomorrow and divulge his plans for the future.

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